” Excellence is in the details “

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A little forest animal

  Another lovely walk around the beautiful forests around Sweden ! I happened to find a little forest snake.  It is a black snake with 2 yellow spots on its head- apparently if the spots are not there it could be poisonous but luckily this little fellow had 2 little yellow spots on the head! […]


Doggie Day Care

I am looking after a sweet maltese poodle named Balou for a couple of days ! Even though he is a tiny Mister he has quite the character !  He barks like a maniac if there are girl dogs on heat or if he doesn’t get what he wants! He likes to hump boy dogs […]


Happy days in the parks of Stockholm

  Today I had the best day ever as the sun finally came to say hi to Stockholm ! I met up with my friend in the park. She looks after dogs part-time.  She usually has up to 4 at a time! They are so well behaved . We spent almost the WHOLE day in […]


Walking on Water WOW!

Walking on frozen waves… in other words..-Water!  A couple of days when I was in the South of  Sweden -Skanor med Falsterbo -(most south part of the kingdom of Sweden 😉 I saw frozen waves ! The waves must have frozen as they were about to crash ! It was so amazing ! My dog […]


Avicii ! Bitchi ! Too True Tour!

True Tour -2014 Tele 2 Arena Last night I was at an Avicii concert for the first time ever ! It was held in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm . The venue holds 35 000 people and it was completely sold-out !!! I had perhaps one too many  swedish ciders and about 1 hour before […]

Scandinavian Tulip!

Happy Spring Day!

Yay ! Today is the 1st of March- which means spring is just around the corner! Small flowers are slowly popping out the ground and the air is filled with a warmish breeze ! Happy 1st of March to all! Avicii tonight !!! Life is beautiful , so let’s stop and smell the tulips…!  


Avicii! Bitchiii!

Heyyy Brother!  Woohoo! My boyfriend surprised me with 2 tickets to Avicii this morning! He was making excuses about not being able to get them as they were all sold-out.. So I gave him the motivational speech about the 2 types of people in this world -the ones who go out and get what they […]


Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street!  I just watched the’ Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo Di Caprio.  It is based on a true-story about a guy called Jordan Belfort who became one of the wealthiest, most successful brokers ever starting from scratch. He ended up losing everything but is now a motivational speaker on the […]


Tasty simple delicious quinoa salad

My Recipe of the Day ! Close to 2 years I have been a Pescaterian which means I only eat Fish and seafood. I do not eat animals nor birds. They are friends..(then again so are fishies;)  So during these 2 years I have discovered really delicious grains ,seeds and cereals. One of my favourite foods […]


From Scandinavia to the Caribbean and back again!

The Caribbean…. Three weeks of hitch-hiking ,coconut cocktails, sailboat hitchhikes, natty-dreads, sandy beach bars, the friendliest of locals and my favourite of all…Reggae music! Above is one of my favourite bars, it is called ‘The Mongoose Bar” I love it because it’s owned by this man-they call him ‘Mongoose’ and he has had it for […]


Happy New Year!

Kittens on beaches with leashes?!?Happy New Years Carib style! My Tigers! ITS GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE!  Funky Monkeys Out and About…… Real Coconuts Refilled with Real Rum… Cheers to 2014 in the Carribean !!! May the sun shine on us all! =))) Let’s start this year with a splash!!!

Llandudno South Africa

Cape Town Travelguide to My hood

Author: My Childhood friend Nadia Blumer   I haven’t lived here all my life but I certainly call this place my home now! I don’t know what I’d do without my flat-top mountain hovering majestically in the sky, or the strikingly green forests with that soothing smell of pine and the fresh sea breeze rolling […]

Hi best bud!

Saving Xanthi in Xanthi….

Xanthi the homeless little greek puppy we found in Greece,Xanthi on the road a month and a half ago ! She has now been in 5 different countries since-travelling and exploring-here she is in The Gran Canaria… Alls well that ends well but I would not like to visit the north of Greece again unless/until […]


Dainty Dogging in Denmark….

  Cosy Copenhagen…  In 10 days I had visited Denmark already three times! The first time I found 150 kronas flying in front of the Old Court House… The 2nd time I visited the Carlsberg Beer Brewery… The 3rd time we saw 3 naked Danish bums who had just graduated and decided to celebrate by […]


Working for Lindt is Sweet*

Lovely Lindt.. When I came to Sweden I worked part-time for a Lindt Promotion in Stockholm! It was incredible because every day you were allowed to take almost as much as you could carry ! They had said to me ”Take as much as you want! ” not knowing I am not as shy as […]


Clubbing in Geneva – Vous etes chaud?

  Clubbing in Geneva… After staying in Switzerland for almost 2 months my friends and I decided to expore the night life in Geneva.. Here are a couple of clubs worth visiting. MAD  (le Moulin à Dance) very young crowd(students and down-to-earth) but it depends on the night  La SIP– very popular place .. you […]

I took this little book with me when clubbing at 'Jimmy'z' a club in Monte Carlo...Surprisingly many of the boys were interested in helping me improve my French....;)))

Languages I speak***

I speak fluent English* I do love the English Language! Parlo Italiano Molto Bene,  Grazie…. (Lived almost 4 years in Italia) Говоря български– I was born in Bulgaria(I was really small  when we moved to South Africa ) Ek praat Afrikaans – I actually went to an Afrikaans High School (Hoerskool Hendrik Verwoerd) So random! Je […]


The World Song…Animaniacs

This used to be one of my favourite cartoons when I was younger( even now..)  It’s a small world after all ! But, still so many countries to go=))) I have mostly explored Europe and Southern Africa- there are 5 more continents! Step-by-Step I hope to see them all !  


Baby Seal in Falsterbo

Unexpected Little Head Above the Water…. We finally arrived at the sea in Falsterbo! Stunning white sands all around..! We were out and about tanning when all of a sudden we see this little head coming above the water! It was a little black seal… We decided to sit on the beach and I was […]