Milking the cow***

Au lait..Au lait… Good morning Good morning my Swiss friends…!!!  Let’s start the day with some fresh milk straight from the cows….. My fave place …♥♥♥ haha..gotta love my milk machine……

The best breakfast ever !  Unpasteurised milk has more benefits because it retains all the vitamins and creaminess and stuff!!!  It’s very creamy and ice-cold .. I love starting my morning with a bottle from my fave milk machine!

You can bring your own bottle or choose one from the left of the machine for 20 cents (plastic) 1litre or 2 euros  for a 2litre glass one  with colourful cows on it.. .you can then choose how much milk you need..20 cents is like a third and 50 cents is half and 1 euro is a litre.. Choose the amount by placing in the coins and then the steel door opens- you then place your bottle by the the teet..ah I mean the steel tube and press a button until it’s full!  Then just remember to close the little steel door again else it keeps on buzzing!!!

My favourite place just outside Geneva infront of a church open 24hours a day!!! The freshest milk available any time or day!  For just a Euro a litre!

Got milk?

Got milk?

.za milk***

Behind the little steel door..

So refreshing !!!

So refreshing !!!

It all begins...

It all begins…

Roaming in Rome ***Italy***


Oh, Rome***

Oh, Rome***





All Roads Lead to Rome…




After working for a while as a waitress in Genova I ended up breaking my toe ( on the beach ) … I could not work for a couple of weeks…. So I decided to go to Rome for the first time ever ! I packed my bags and took the first train very early in the morning….

Camping Roma

I arrived in Rome and heard there was this really cool camping place around 20 minutes from Rome… I started asking the locals how I can get to ‘Camping Roma’  I needed to take a bus… So I found the bus and with my big suitcase arrived right infront ‘Camping Roma’ . I was waiting in-line to check-in (for a tent) when I had met these 3 girls from Ireland… We started talking and beause I spoke Italian we decided to explore around Rome together….(In Italy very few people speak English…)

Seeing it was a camp I was going to stay in a tent… The tent had no electricity but had a  zip to open and close it with a small lock..Inside the tent there were 2 tiny beds…Luckily though I had no tent-mates..(room-mates but in a tent)

It was around 40 degrees and the tent was in the sun… The best thing about that camping place was it had 2 pools and a bar!

The Vatican

We explored all around Rome.  Starting with the Vatican ( put on church clothes or they won’t let you in! ) I wasn’t allowed in the Vatican twice because of ‘ revealing clothing” I was wearing a vest and jeans (plus it was  like 40 degrees in the shade) and after staying 2 hours in a long queue  they refused my entry !!! But, the third time I covered up and got in, finally ! =)))

The Fountain of Trevi 

Definitley a must-see ! Just be careful of the Bangladeshi  guys around there selling roses…Don’t take any roses even if they give them to you because if you don’t pay they will whack you with the whole bouquet !!!

The Roman Ruins

We went all around the city centre and to see the ruins which was quite a long walk but totally worth it!

The rest of the time we were tanning by the pool! We also went to a water park just outside Rome . It was really hot when I was there(40 degrees)  so the time spent eating Italian Ice-cream by the pool was my favourite!!!!


The guys with the roses...getting ready to wack me...Dont accept roses from strangers...;)))

The guys with the roses…getting ready to whack me…Dont accept roses from strangers ever…;)))

Bella Bella Roma*** Fontana di Trevi

Bella Bella Roma*** Fontana di Trevi




By the pool at 'Camping Roma' x

By the pool at ‘Camping Roma’ x

My tent that 5Star or what!?! haha
My tent 110…is that 5 Star or what!?! haVaticano...Third time Lucky...Piazza San Pietro by the the Vatican-after staying 2 hours in a line I was refused entry for inappropriate clothing…idiots!

Infront of the Vatican

Infront of the Vatican


Disturbing the guard infront of the Vatican...Finally got in 3rd time lucky!

Disturbing the guard infront of the Vatican…Finally got in 3rd time lucky!