Sardinia All Year around! Part-One

 Oh, Sardinia !

Magical sunset in Castelsardo***

Magical sunset in Castelsardo***

Sardinia is possibly my favourite island of Italy! Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily.  It is not very big but there is so much to see it is mind-boggling!  Every angle of that magical island seems so different than the previous!

There are super white-sand beaches and even pink-sand beaches (Isola Rossa- Red Island) , crystal clear water and surroundings which have  even been compared to the Caribbean !

Almost everyday on that island the sun seems to shine. I lived in Sardinia for almost a year…

When I moved here I  used to work as a waitress ,club promoter and a language interpreter on a harbour with many tourists from all over the world…(in Sardinia they don’t speak any English perhaps, except the words ‘house ,dog and car…)   I have been going back at least once a year to visit my friend.

She lives in Castelsardo which is a small, ancient village in Sardina.


This was actually the first place I ever visited in Sardinia .   It is very famous because of the castle which it is named after.  Many years ago only that castle existed and people lived only on it but soon the village started expanding and became a town.

Island of Maddalena

Island of Maddalena***

Island of Maddalena***

Another one of my favourite places on the island is The island of ” Maddalena ” which is a tiny island in the island itself!… It is like a secret getaway …  You need to take a ferry which is only 15 minutes and there the nature is shockingly beautiful! There are 2 beaches on Maddalena ‘ La Pelosa’ which could be translated as the ”the hairy beach”  strange name indeed- but absolutley breath-taking scenery and ‘ Spalmatore’ which means ‘Spreader?’ haha…..Absolutely stunning!

Then there are secret little beaches all around that you can find just driving around! These are just two of my favourite places there!   This is just a sneak preview of what this island is about!   There is so much more I will be making a part-two about Sardinia!

A Presto!  

Strike a pose...Beach-style*** xxx

Strike a pose…Beach-style*** xxx

Magical sunset all around the island***Magical sunset all around the island***

Attempting to wave the Sardinian flag...***

Attempting to wave the Sardinian flag…***

Castelsardo Castle***

Castelsardo Castle behind me**

Chilling at the 'Hairy beach' ....***

Chilling at the ‘Hairy beach’ ….***

Still on the beach soaking up the sun***

Sitting on a rock soaking up the sun***

MONaco moNEY***can’t buy youth***

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

My first impressions on Monaco.

I had found a job as a secretary in Monaco so I decided to move there.

My first job  didn’t last too long as the boss was quite the creep…. He was a 75 -year-old billionaire who had around 4 secretaries in a tiny cramped office….. He couldn’t even change his own light-bulb and even called me once asking how to change the channel on his Tv…  He paid everyone to do basic things like that… I was also baby-sitting part-time for this family who owned a gold mine!  The little boy I was looking after was 3 and knew better than me how to use an Ipad…. It was quite a contrast when comparing it with a 75-year-old boss who didn’t know how to use a simple remote-controller…… I didn’t like any of those jobs but I was lucky enough to find a temporary job that I loved!!!

My favourite job in Monaco

Monkey-ing around at the gym***

Me Monkeying around at the gym***

I got a job to work in a really cool gym in Monaco- it was just about personal training! Everyone who worked there was super young, fit and down-to-earth and knew everything there is to know about fitness! The owners were British so they were quite witty! I was at reception.  Our gym was just about being fit and toned and feeling healthy!

Talk about Self-Absorption……

Walking around in Monaco was quite strange..Every 5 minutes you would hear the sound of Ferraris speeding by (which was kinda cool;)…. Everyone looking rather tense rushing to work .  This one time I remember as I was walking I noticed that an elderly man had fallen on the sidewalk and no-one helped him up they just kept on stepping over him so my friend and I helped him up and she called the ambulance…. Everyone seemed so self-absorbed they couldn’t have cared less what was going around them….

Plastic Surgery gone wrong

Another thing what really hit me was the majority of women above 50 all had plastic surgery- gone really wrong ! It was rather paradoxical because they are all so obsessed with the way they looked and addicted to surgery which in the long run seemed to make them uglier than before….Try to immagine plastic surgery pulling your faces in all directions but sagging at the same time with prominent silicone lips sticking out and extremely fake tanned orange faces and bodies.. ..It’s hard to immagine, I know…….Money can’t always buy style…

It also made me realise that no matter how much money you have or who your surgeon is- in the end …. We are all going to age….You can’t buy youth…..So,  it’s best to keep it natural because in the end Mother Nature will win!!! When we’re young we should be young when  we  start ageing we should accept it and embrace it!! It’s not just you who is going to age-EVERYONE eventually ages..It’s part of life!  So,  let’s do it gracefully.  Internally though,  we should always feel youthful and energetic because our souls won’t ever age=))) hahaha ….. So,  it was quite an interesting place but definitely only for holiday !

My tips for having a youthful appearance…

  • Drink lots of water~ Water is life and detoxifies
  •  Eat healthy!~ Limit the junk food and fried foods
  • Do sports!~ Exercising , yoga or just walking 20 minutes a day can boost your health and mood!
  •  Laugh often ~ laughing gives us a youthful expression!
  • Stay around positive people~ People with a positive out look can be contagious and inspirational!
  • Smile a lot  ~it is like natural botox…  I have heard that your life shows on the face~ you can see the different faces and expressions on the senile ones who have had permanent frowns during their lifes or the friendly older people with a softer appearance …Who would you prefer to look like ?
  • Just enjoy life ! We have only one life~ with plastic surgery you risk looking like clown and there is no going back…
  • Keep it natural* Mother Nature knows best…
  • Travel to new places~ it renews your thinking and opens your mind!…and keeps you forever young!!! haha~ at least mentally !!!


“I look forward to growing old and wise and audacious.”

“One of the best parts of growing older?  You can flirt all you like since you’ve become harmless.”

“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.”

“If youth knew; if age could.”

“To get back to my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable”  Oscar Wilde quote

What are your feelings on Plastic Surgery? Feel free to comment below…

Babysitting this cute boy!!!

Babysitting this cute boy!!!


The Harbour of Monaco***

The Harbour of Monaco***


You are apparently not allowed to sit on the grass-neither are the birds!!!

You are apparently not allowed to sit on the grass-neither are the birds!!!

Near the castle*

Near the castle*


Salon de Chocolate*** Cocoa is actually a fruit!!!

Swiss Flag

Swiss Style!

Is there anything more delicious than a a block of chocolate melting  in your mouth ?….Living in Geneva I realised.. No,there isn’t ***  I have always been a chocolate fanatic since I was born…  Though, the moment I moved to Switzerland I realised this even more …and that there is a huge difference between chocolate and fine chocolate….especially when it’s Swiss .  I have always loved swiss chocolate  ”Lindt”  but I wouldn’t buy it that often as it was super expensive in South Africa compared to just ”normal” chocolate…  I attended the  ‘Salon de Chocolate’  in Geneva thanks to my German friend who invited me as she always saw me with a big swiss chocolate bar in my bag that I would take out every hour or whenever I felt like it….. The chocolate at that Salon was really amazing and made by experienced ”Chocolatiers” I was there from the minute it opened untill closing hour..  We attended both speeches about how Cocoa is made and what differentiates ”normal” chocolate and the fine chocolate of Switzerland..!

The Cocoa Fruit!!! My faveourite fruit...!!! The Cocoa Fruit!!! My faveourite fruit…!!!

The really expensive and dark chocolate has most of it’s cocoa butter and less real butter ,  flavourings  and nonsense that should not be in chocolate….  The best part of that chocolate expo was when I learnt that Cocoa is ACTUALLY A FRUIT!!!.. The man from Trinidad and Tobago who had his own ”cocoa plantation (said in a carribbean accent) ” brought with him some Cocoa plants just harvested and opened them for all of us to taste. .It was amazing a cocoa plant holds about 70 cocoa beans inside- around the cocoa bean is a soft fruity texture which tastes quite like the litchi fruit!!!  Then after that is the cocoa bean whis is slightly bitter and soft before it has been dried… ….

The one thing I loved about Geneva… was that actually the chocolate was probably the cheapest thing there is there as it comes from there (  Salon de Chocolate was  an exception as it was  more like an ”Art exhibition )’….. But, I went to an amazing huge store where about 50 metres was just chocolate – all sorts of the best swiss chocolate sold in BULK***  For super affordable prices…  That day though when the exhibition was over..all I ate  was chocolate and drank  some caribbean vanilla rum ( which goes amazingly with the  dark chocolate) *Did you know that cocoa releases endorphins in the brain…  That could explain why  I walked out the door with three chocolate bars and some cocoa beans that added up to 50 euros..  So that is probably why I was slightly brainwashed in there by all the endorphins in my own brain..haha….. But man,  was it worth it!!!

Swiss chocolate shop

My favourite shop in Geneva…beats Gucci ,Prada any day!



“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Tom Hanks quotes


“I never met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like”


“What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead”

George Bernard Shaw quotes

Choc Choc***This is where the magic begins!!!

Choc Choc***This is where the magic begins!!!



Infront of the chocolate building with Franzie=)



Swedish Style Part-One : First time in Stockholm Sweden***

Swedish Pride!!!

Swedish Pride!!!

My first time in Sweden*** The first time I had ever gone to Sweden was around the middle of May!   The first week  I was there was amazingly beautiful and sunny!

We went on a boat ride on the famous archipelago . There are amazing little islands around there where you can barbeque,  have a picnic, tan ,  swim and do all sorts of water sports around there.  The food is amazing and everyones is in a super good mood…

Midsummer ***

Sweet Sweden ***

Sweet Sweden ***

Visiting the archipelago is a very popular thing to do especially around Midsummer which is around the 20 th of June.  Midsummer is a very exciting time for swedes as it signals the signs of summer..and as I have realised summer is extremely awaited and anticipated because during the rest of the year the sun is sooo shy here in Sweden -you can almost forget it exists….. I was there for around a month and a half and there was exactly one week of sunshine and the rest of the time it was raining.. I got told that this was an exception..even though I am still a little sceptical about whether the sun in Sweden really exists….. I was there for midsummers  and it truly was amazing and so sunny…. The girls put flowers in their hair and everyone gets so drunk  they start singing swedish folk songs,  dancing and yelling how much they love one another after vomiting all the snapps around their summer cabins…. Summer ,  in my opinion  is the best time of the year to go to Sweden .

Fit Swedish Mamas and Hot Svensk Papas…..

Another impression of mine was how fit everyone is here in Sweden…I even saw a couple of moms with almost newborn babies ,  all dressed in sports clothes and jogging around the parks while pushing the baby-carriage ! First time I had ever seen something like that… now there’s no excuse… you can do sport even if you have a  baby! That’s why they are so fit, Everyone here seems to love exercising !!!  Another amazing Swedish fact I had learned was that  Sweden has one of the highest levels of gender equality in the world. The cutest thing I had ever seen in sweden while walking around the parks was  a group of men each with baby-carriages and  each holding a cute, blonde baby.. One feeding it,  the other changing its nappy -all hanging around almost like a group of moms!!!  So that gives the moms free time for themselves as well!

That’s what I call gender equality !

Apparently  parents are allowed around 390 days of parental leave which they split almost equally!!!   That means that if you have a baby both the woman and the man take almost equal care of the baby- the father is just as important as the mother!!!! So those were the things that left me with the greatest impression….Another thing which I loved about Sweden was everyone speaks English..EVERYONE =))).. …I had a super time here and will definitely be coming back  for another Swedish visit!!!

Hej dà!!!

Around the Archipelago*

Around the Archipelago*


Houses around the Archipelago of Stockholm*

Houses around the Archipelago of Stockholm*

Wave your flag***

Wave your flag***



IRonic irELAND ***

Guiness***It says it all...***

***Drowning in Guinness***

I,  I,  I  trip in Ireland…      

 After some time living in Milan,  Italy…. I thought Ireland could be a fun transition. I was slowly being convinced by my Irish friend who came to visit me while in Italy… ( she was sure I’d love it..)   So we packed our suitcases and we headed off to Ireland…

It would be an experience , to say the least…….


My First Impression……

Just after landing on Irish land…..My skin which was used to the  summer sun,  was now being stung by the ice-cold wind which was welcoming us with about 50 knots an hour…..It was May and our plans were to stay at least 6 months….That was going to be a long shot………….

Clondalkin Village

We lived about 40 minutes away from Dublin city centre so I had to always catch the big yellow bus which passed the ” Guiness” beer factory right before the final stop… It was a long ride,  though the scenery was extremely green and pleasant.

The Irish Folks

***The Temple Bar***

***The Temple Bar***white as snow

The people in Dublin were extremely friendly and sociable. . I loved listening to their Irish accent ”How arr’ ya? ”

I met up with my other Irish friends (we met in a camp in Rome earlier that year)   we drank strawberry beer at a random pub.. We then went to ”The Temple Bar” (very famous pub )  and drowned in ”Guinness”…

But,  my favourite of all places in Ireland was ”Butler’s Choc and Coffee” shop- they had the best hot chocolate ever !!! It was fun walking around the city centre and exploring all the parks- but it was really cold.  As the first week passed I knew I wasn’t going to be staying long there…  I anyway  decided to look for a job that would keep me busy.

My Irish Job ( which lasted 3 days )

I ended up finding a door-to-door job selling make-up kits. I was very successful for the 3 days that I actually worked there….

Working in minus degrees just wasn’t my thing. I hadn’t barely been in Ireland for 2 weeks and honestly couldn’t wait to get out !!!

2 One-way tickets….

I had a ticket for the end of the month…but there was no way that I would be staying that long. I ended booking another one which was in 4 days! I couldn’t wait! In 4 days I would be in sunny Pisa where my friend would be waiting for me! Or so I thought……

I was wondering what to do to speed up time…

Unpleasant surprise while shopping

I decided to go shopping for clothes . As I was trying out the clothes though I noticed in the mirror  some bumps and dots on my back …. I had the intense feeling it was more than a rash…….When the doctor came to see me he indeed confirmed it was chickenpox….

Just when you think things can’t get worse………. you end up getting chickenpox?!?! WHAAAT!?!  He then said I should not leave the house for at least 2 weeks and gave me this ointment.

The days felt like years and the hours felt like weeks !

I had my ticket and my departure date that was in 4 days!!!  There was no way I was staying here 2 weeks more …With or without chickenpox …………..

Day of Departure

My day of departure arrives and that day I wore alot of make-up…..I was itching like crazy but I headed straight to the airport ! I got on my flight like a ” bee on honey ‘‘ and before you could say chickenp-  I arrived happily in Pisa where my friend was waiting for me.

It was so good to be out of Ireland!!!

Not a pox in sight

After about a week I had healed completely and there wasn’t a pox in sight! I then taught an Intensive 2-week english course in Pisa which was awesome !

Moral of the story….

This pox situation really taught me to never again say ” It can’t get any worse ” because life might just prove you wrong and  surprise you when you least expect it ! 




My Irish friends...we were really cold....

My Irish friends…we were really cold….


My Irish Friend Orlaith..Friends Forever!

My Irish Friend Orlaith..Friends Forever!

Near the O2

Near the O2


In One of the parks in Dublin

In One of the parks in Dublin






'How arr ya? '=)))

‘How arr ya? ‘=)))





It's Guinness Time!!!

It’s Guinness Time!!!





At the park ..Still posing! =)

At the park ..Still posing! =)

The Yellow Bus*

The Yellow Bus*

Dublin Park with my friend

Dublin Park with my friend



All signs will lead to 'The Temple Bar''

All signs will lead to ‘The Temple Bar”

LONely lonDON ***Part 1 – Good Old London….

Olden day Iphone Booth....

Olden day Iphone Booth….

New Years on the Dot

After staying in Sardinia all summer winter was approaching and so I thought why not go to London!!! After all my Irish friend was there so I thought it could be intersting… That week when I was leaving many flights were cancelled or delayed  so I ended up arriving on the 31st of December at exactly 11 pm… I was just in time for  New Years!!!

My friend met me at the airport as I arrived and she was actually quite worried I would have missed the final countdown to the New Year!! When we got on the underground the first thing I saw was a group of drunk naked british boys with just a little bit covering their royal jewels… They looked more than ready for the new years celebration.. I was looking forward to London indeed…….We  ended up celebrating at the club ‘ Cafè de Paris ”  and all around the city centre! New Years in London turned out a success!!!

Gym reception here...How can I help you?...=)))

Polly here…How can I help you?…=)

Variety of people

My first impression of London was the variety of people from all over the world…  When taking the underground this one time I heard people speaking Italian,  so I asked where exactly they were from and they said ”Sardinia’..  When I then told them that I’m from South Africa- this other  guy across me  says ”So am I..!”  he happened to be from Pretoria which is exactly my city!  Then this other guy chirped in and said in a Spanish accent..’ I am from Barcelona! We all started laughing realising how small the world actually is….. Then we all got off the next stop and parted ways….

My First British Job  

My first job I found in London was working at Picadilly. It was a small tourist agency which organised local outings in and around London and also we were  selling theatre tickets to all the spectacular shows in London.  It was really cool because once a month we were allowed to go to one of the shows…My first theatre show I had ever been to was ”Love Never Dies”  it was the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  ” The Phantom of the Opera ”  It was beautiful and quite romantic (no sh*t) – hence the name ‘ Love Never Dies ‘…


''Love Never Dies''  it just fades away.......

”Love Never Dies” it just fades away…….

My Favourite Job in London

After working there for a while it started getting boring so it was time for a change… I was posting my cv everywhere on-line and I was hoping to find a job even more fun perhaps with more people my age and interests… After about two weeks    I got an interview for a gym….in South Kensington… The interview in my opinion went great! I was right because a week later I got the job! This was more than a gym it was ” Private Fitness Members Club ”.

My colleague that worked downstairs at the spa..***

One of my colleagues that worked downstairs at the spa..***

Most of the people who worked there were cool except certain girls and older ladies who ‘were quite the pain in the ass’  as quoted by the personal trainers who were the funniest and my favourite people in the whole gym! We also had a spa centre  downstairs and I was treated once a month to a beauty treatment of my choice!  I even got my own personal trainer and was allowed to train for free while working there!

Kim Catrall

I was at front-desk reception and I had to welcome all the people who were coming to train .  Most of the people were really famous but also very friendly and down-to-earth. I met Kim Catrall from ‘Sex and the City”.  She was awesome – she is is actually from Liverpool!

Hugh Grant

He is super cool.  He was quite addicted to the gym he came twice a day! He is exactly the way he is in his movies- he doesn’t need to act he is a real life english gentleman.  He would always say to me ‘ Good day ‘ on his arrival and departure..and I would be like  ”Good day Mr. Grant ” with my cheeks blushing more red than a summer red apple….

Which reminds me that we also had red apples at reception which I had to  polish and place in a bowl for the members … The one person which was kind of a pretentious b**** was some Princess of Greece or some where.

She would never say hi nor bye and it really made me want to throw one of those apples at her….but , I didn’t… Some times you just need to control yourself…haha….

All in all it was great… London has so many things to do and there are so many amazing people that I have met- so there will be a part-2 to this aswell!

Good Day To All !!!

Shiny Apples for the Pink Ladies...***

Shiny Apples for the Pink Ladies…***

Monkeying around when there was no one there.....

Monkeying around at the gym when there was no one there…..

Nottinghill..... Get ready to Mind The Gap again !!!
Nottinghill….. Get ready to Mind The Gap !!!

Fiat 500 Galore ***

Living in Italy for more than 4years in and out I always happened to find an old Fiat ‘Cinquecento matching my clothes***  I didn’t actually think that they still exist!  But they do and there are many all around Italy if you keep an open eye out…..check the sun-roof….

Pure white***

Pure white***

Groovy Blue

Groovy blue

Funky Hello Yellow

Funky Hello Yellow


Glam dark orange…not!

Dark Blue***

Dark Blue***

Red hot***

Red hot***

Dance workout- or me just fooling around….


Definetely a work out while fooling around! hahaha


Dogs, my eternal friends***

This one was roaming free***

This one was roaming free***

During my extensive travels I have met many friends …Although the friends I remember most are my furry friends …In all the countries of the world there has always been a cute furry dog that I couldn’t help but pick up and give a great big hug !!! Sometimes I would take a pic too- the owners didn’t seem to mind- I love people who own animals they are different than those who don’t… They care for something besides themselves so they are not as selfish and realise that all animals are just as important as humans .  Some of them didn’t have owners but random people fed them….I used to always have dogs growing up as in South Africa as we had a big garden where I would run around with my four-legged friends !!! So that is probably why I feel so close to dogs -they remind me of my childhood!!!  I don’t have a dog at the moment since I have been travelling non-stop these years, although many people allow me to walk their dogs- so sometimes I do some dog-sitting purely for my love of dogs!!! As soon as I decide to stay in one place I will get my own fluffy honey-pie!!! Here are some of my favourite ”Dog quotes” =)))

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

Mark Twain


“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich”

Louis Sabin


“Everyone needs a dog to adore him, and a cat to bring him back to reality”

“Love me, love my dog.”

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Cuite pup kissing me!

Cuite pup kissing me!



Curious little guy1

         Curious little guy


Her name is Gypsy...haha and she loves chocolate just as much as me!

Her name is Gypsy…haha and she loves chocolate just as much as me!