Bradley Cooper, Haagen Dazs and those Secret Sensations…..

Das is Haagen Dazs…

Haagen Dazs

Give me a spoonful…

Mmmm ….. Don’t you just love Haagen Dazs ..2 New flavours just came out – ”Secret Sensations: ‘‘Creme Brulee” and” Chocolat Fondent”…What a perfect combination with Bradley Cooper……Although my favourite ice-cream is Italian..Haagen Dazs comes pretty close when I’m out of Italy…… Here are a couple of my favourite flavours in order from best to good…But,  my most favourite is the one that he’s holding……Oh, just  give me a spoonful or two !

  1. Mint Chip
  2.  Pistachio
  3.  Belgian Chocolate
  4.  Almond Hazelnut Swirl
  5.  Raspberry Sorbet
  6. Black Raspberry Chip  
  7.  Vanilla Swiss Almond                
    Haagen Dazs

    Dreamy, I mean creamy..


  8. Crème Brûlée
  9. Dulce de Leche
  10.  Lychee
  11. Mango Sorbet
  12.  Coconut Macaroon             
  13.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough                             





Secret Sensations …..Mmmhh… indeed !


Which is your favourite flavour and have you tried out any of  the 2 new flavours yet ?

Fun in the Sun in Cannes!

Oh Cannes…


”C’est la Vie !”

I was lucky enough to go to the Cannes Film Festival just before it began for a whole weekend ! My boyfriend organised a surprise trip! He’s the best! It was really amazing… We stayed in the 314 which is a stunning hotel 2 minutes from the beach.  Every floor of that hotel was named after a continent and decorated in the style accordingly…We stayed in Africa=)))

The nightlife there is awesome and it’s a fun change from Monaco every once in a while …

A couple of Places I thought were cool…


Le BaoliBeautiful club and restaurant, super in Summer- right on the beach !

Black Pearl- More of a bar… Packed and Pumping in winter !

Mocca club/RestaurantGreat both day and night! Amazing food and coffee-turns into a Night Club on weekends with Dj’s

Les Marches ClubBeneath the casino- very dark… Good music , but a rather teenager crowd when I was there.


This year at the Cannes Film Festival – ” Blue is the Warmest Colour  or ”La Vie d’Adele in French  won the  ”Palme’d’ Or ”

It’s apparently a sexually explicit lesbian love story which I have yet to see .  ;))           




Summer Time n the Livin’ is easy..




Eurovision Bitch Judge and ”Welcome To Sweden ” Series


Sverige! Yeah!


Det ar inte musik …

Watching coincidentally ‘Eurovision’ I understood my first Swedish sentence! Bulgaria just finished singing it’s song, then this Swedish lady said ‘Det ar inte musik- Det ar tortyr’ which means ”This is not music-this is torture!’-Can you believe it? What a slampa..haha.. I was very happy I understood that in Swedish..but also slightly upset because I was actually born in Bulgaria(I was 3 when we moved to S.A)….The song was quite unique  , drums, shakers and bag-pipes….. A little too eccentric for the Swedish crowd perhaps?…… I got to admit though my favourite was Denmark. I had a feeling from the beginning they would win!

Who was your favourite? Let me know below! 

My Naughty Gardener!

Bob Marley

Bob Marley Painting done by Melany Pietersen***


Some of the weed that was still left-over after baking day;)))











My Naughty Gardener Patrick   

This is about the time when my gardener planted weed in our garden! I had no idea until my friends came and pointed it out to me! My gardener’s name is Patrick. We had to change our cleaning ladies very often because Patrick made the majority pregnant! I suppose he knew how to make them feel welcomed!  He didn’t have many teeth but regardless of that , the ladies found him charming …  I dedicate this video to him. He was truly the best gardener anyone could ever have!



This was just a phase but what are your views on the famous Mary Jane…?;) Comment below 

MONaco***monEY can buy Cars, Motorbikes, Yachts and Helicopters…..

Daily Life in Monaco 



After settling down for a while in Monaco,  my friends and I explored the night clubs and observed the daily life here..

It’s a very unreal place to live in. I have a friend who has this Sushi place and he told me about the time when Quintin Tarantino came to eat there with 2 girls in lingerie and  on leashes… Apparently the police weren’t impressed ….

People there have a very different reality with all the money and fancy cars, they can go on vacations whenever they want… and still many of them seem very tense…..Perhaps, because they know that one day they will have to leave it all behind..It’s all a beautiful illusion and shouldn’t be taken that seriously…One day we will all leave this earth and not a single material thing will be taken with….I may sound like a spiritual preacher, but for me the most important thing is to be kind and loving to one another..If you can help some one you should- else life has no sense… It’s great to have cars and other stuff but people should come first before things! 

Hells angel right there....

Hells angel right there….

Crashing Fancy Parties….

I met some very interesting friends in Nice and in Monaco ,  during’ The Monaco Yacht Show ‘ they taught me how to crash parties…. First of all you must look the part and the most important thing is to act like you are supposed to be there..and actually believe it.. Be convinced that you are on the list- and if possible try to spot a name from the list… Chances are that you will get in ! I crashed exactly 3 parties  in 1 night and everything went as planned! You have unlimited champagne and sushi and desserts of all sorts non-stop being served  .  They also give you(the guests) very beautiful gifts just before you leave… A watch (crashed an Italian party at the ‘Hermitage Hotel’ was so easy because they thought I was Italian..!)  A bottle of some fine rum at the Captains Boat Party.-(people were quite confused why I was there) ..and a small perfume at some yacht party.  This was a once in a life-time experience as I now go just to where I am invited..(almost always)..haha… My friends on the other hand are completley addicted and still continue crashing up until this day…

Blondes have more fun….

I was blonde at the time,  I was trying to look Scandinavian…haha…You know the saying ‘Blondes have more fun..!” It’s kind of true-Only if you’re naturally blonde though, you can quite clearly see I’m not…So, from now on I’m sticking to my natural colour…;)))


Interesting Places…Interesting Faces… 

Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco yacht Show Captains Party…;))

Monaco is great for clubbing especially in the summer.  I was in a music video- I got to drive a yacht a bike and escape with a Helicopter …. It was so fun !

My favourite places to go to are :

  • Buddha Bar – Great for dinner and then it turns into a night club
  • BEFORE- very popular place for ‘Aperitivo’
  • Jimmy’z – I loved the music but there are too many billionaire pensioners there….
  • Zelo’s – My favourite club- it’s very Italian as the owners are Italian…

Always remember to have fun and party hard!!!   

All Aboard! Such a life-saver I am....

All Aboard! Such a life-saver I am….



  “When you examine the lives of the most influential people who have ever walked among us, you discover one thread that winds   through them all. They have been aligned first with their   spiritual nature and only then with their physical selves.” Albert Einstein


”Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”Jim Rohn 


”You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

Maya Angelou quotes

”It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

George Lorimer quotes    

Riding dirRry....

Riding dirRry….

Monaco Harbour

Singing the sun*

Just chilling***

Just chilling***

Here I had to escape with the Heli...

Here I had to escape with the Heli…



















What are your thoughts on Spirituality? Do you think there’s more or are we just ‘Material Girls in a Material World?” Comment below..*

Spring is here! In Grinda ,Sweden***

DSC_9471_1901The Island of Grinda Spring is finally here! The birds are making nests and singing… I am testing the water in Grinda which is still below zero….But , soon enough I’ll be able to swim in it.  The little island of Grinda is definitely a must-see. It’s about two-and-a- half hours by boat from Stockholm.

Utsòkt Svenskt Food

They have really good food and great restaurants surrounded by nature all around the Archipelago. There are a couple of farms and most of the food is organic. It’s a great place for jet-skiing , picnics and hiking . Now that Spring is here everything  is in full bloom*** It’s so peaceful and beautiful here- it feels like a fairy tale ……

If the whole world was as organised and as free-thinking as Sweden is, I think it would be paradise….

Summer cabins Around Grinda...I feel like a little Swedish girl here...haha

Summer cabins Around Grinda…I feel like a little Swedish girl here…haha

Around Grinda***

Around Grinda***



I love Sweden..<3<3 <3

Come Fly with me..Helicopter rides




A little below zero...but worth a try!

A little below zero…but worth a try!





Spring is in the air*

Spring is in the air*

A little Party time in Milan…..***

Milano ,Milano….     

Old Fashion...

Old Fashion…

I lived in Milan for almost 3 months. It is a very industrial and superficial city… Apart from clubbing and shopping there isn’t that much to do compared to other Italian cities.  I did a bit of  photography modelling when I was there and I also worked  as a model for this shoe expo which had over 40 000 shoes! It was a part-time job so it was perfect!

Every night of the week there’s something going on somewhere! There are hundreds of clubs or ‘disco’s ‘ as the Italians call them. When I was there my friend from Austrailia came to visit me and we practically got in everywhere and for free! There are so many different places with music for all tastes…There are student parties every week, 80’s night( for the Old school peeps ) over 30’s mostly for people over age 30 but almost any one can go in anyway, they also had a different country week party -we happened to be there for ”Austrailia week”. You also have private parties , white parties and many ,many more!




We met all the promoters of all the clubs… If you’re a foreign girl -chances are you’ll get in almost everywhere for free….

Many of the cool places to go to are actually on the same road ‘Corso Como ‘ others around the city!

These are just some of the clubs to go to when in Milan :

  • LOOLAPALOOZA- Great on Student Thursdays 
  • OLD FASHION – Pumping on a Wednesday
  • IL HOLLYWOOD Disco- Fridays and Saturdays
  • AlCATRAZ- Less posh more rock!
  • LA BAROQUEAll weekend
  •  Club ‘SHOCKING ‘ it was indeed..!
  • LOTUS- Restaurant and club-All weekend
  • JUST CAVALLI CAfèFridays and Saturdays
  • ARMANI PRIVE – Saturdays












Austrailia Week!

Austrailia Week!

Swinging Switzerland*** Je t’aime beaucoup Geneve

Lake Geneva* Mount Saleve

Lake Geneva* Mount Saleve

Geneva* My favourite city  I went to Geneva as an aupair and to perfect my French… The great thing about aupairing is you have a lot of free time and you end up meeting so many friends from all over the world!

I had met a really cool girl named Franzie , she was also an aupair and she knew Geneva quite well.  We were exploring the city together day and night..

We went to the fountain of Geneva which is extraordinary it is one of the highest in the world! There are little boats which take you all around the lake like a taxi on water.

 The Mountain…Mount Saleve……..

Another great place to definitely see is Mount Saleve… It is also called the balcony of Geneva as it’s just outside neighbouring France… It’s a great place for paragliding…or just watching the paragliders fly while eating Swiss chocolate ofcourse ;)))  My favourite part about Geneva is how close it is to France- in about 20 minutes and already you are crossing the border of France! Geneva is possibly where I would actually consider living permanently . The people are polite and friendly, it’s extremely multi-cultural and you have the best of both worlds by having France as your neighbour !

Punctual Public Transport***

Lake Geneva* Jet d' Eau

Lake Geneva* Jet d’ Eau

Geneva has really taught me alot about punctuality…Public transport is always on time.. If it says 7 a.m then you know the bus/train will come at exactly 7 a.m not a split second earlier or later! It also doesn’t really wait for you even if you start running……

So, in Switzerland they don’t joke about punctuality- no wonder they are famous for their luxury Swiss watches…Time in Switzerland is precious…..

 Je t’aime beaucoup Geneve !!! Until we meet again! A bientòt !

”He who confronts the paradoxical exposes

himself to reality”  Friedrich Dürrenmatt (Swiss playwright and novelist, 1921-1990)


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” Herman Hesse


“Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal.” Herman Hesse


* Feel free to share your thoughts about Switzerland bellow 


Geneva sea taxi***






Monkeying around the paragliders...

Monkeying around the paragliders…

Paragliders on Mount Saleve

Paragliders on Mount Saleve

I'm her Aupair..She is so cute !!!

I’m her Aupair..She is so cute !!!

First time in Italy*** Ciao Bella!!!

About My 1st trip to Italy!!!


As you might know I was brought up in Pretoria , South Africa.  Although I always knew I wanted to live in Europe. The lifestyle in South Africa at the time didn’t seem to suit me.. vast roads huge distances and hectic security measures – always having to be on the lookout because of the crime was not my thing…I had this burning urge to travel and explore the whole world!!! Everything fascinated me about the world and all the different people and cultures…

My 1st Stop…

So, as I finally just turned 18  I decided Africa was too far from the rest of the world and decided to go to Italy!  To learn Italian. I found a job as an aupair on-line and was well on my way to Italy.  The moment my foot stepped on Italian ground I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be! It was also the year Italy had won the World Cup!!!

On my first trip to Italy they had actually lost my luggage somewhere in Frankfurt… But that was actually ok as it gave me a good excuse to buy new clothes in Italy….Italian Style!

Learning Italian

The family that was hosting me was amazing..They helped me find  a language school…After enrolling at a language school in Genova, on via venti settembre'( which is the main street in town and means-‘ Street 20’)  I started an intensive Italian course . We were about 10 students and the teacher didn’t speak a word of English to us not because she didn’t know any but apparently this was the best way to learn a foreign language.  In the beginning I was not impressed as  this was my first time learning Italian and I had no clue what was going on….but then day after day things started slowly making sense..It was a bit like a puzzle coming together….It felt like I was unravelling the Da Vinci Code …I was actually starting to understand Italian! The feeling was exhilirating!    Everytime I stepped out of that class it was like I couldn’t wait to start practising my Italian on some Italian!!! After about 6 months I could speak basic Italian and then began my Italian adventure all around Italy and Europe!

Forza Azzurriiiiii!!!

Genova, Piazza De Ferrari ***

Genova, Piazza De Ferrari ***

Italian Ice-cream

Every single day I was there I would eat Italian ice-cream and drink an espressso ..It just became my thing.. I tasted a new flavour everyday…The ice-cream in Italy is the best in the world…. Sometimes I would have up to 5 flavours!

Some 1st time Italian Impressions or facts ….

  • The people here have style, they  ( especially the boys ) dress to impress…even if it’s just to go to the grocers- they will be going there in style…
  • Italian boys  seem to be more vain than girls- plucking their eyebrows and staring at themselves in every mirror..
  • If you are a girl and there’s an Italian guy around he will say  ”Ciao Bella”  even if you are ugly as F**k . They say it to everyone. Don’t get too excited,  it’s just a reflex they have…
  • Soccer is a religion above all religions here in Italy-the ball is their God…
  • Almost everyone here still lives with their parents until they are married…
  • Italian coffee is the best!
  • Italian Ice-cream is the creamiest!
  • I want a Ferrari ! =)

Life in Italy was great and this was just the beginning…..!!!

Viva Italia!!!

Viva Italia!!!




One never goes so far as when one doesn’t know where one is going

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Learning a new languages is like entering a new planet***


“Language tethers us to the world; without it we spin like atoms”

Penelope Lively quotes

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see”

Mark Twain quotes



First time Aupair with my lovely Virginia*She is the best!

Around the Italian Riviera

Around the Italian Riviera

My first b-day in Italy..some photobomber..;)

My first b-day in Italy..Italians love celebrating..;)


























Ciao Bella !!!  Ciao!  Ciao!  Ciao!