Clubbing in Geneva – Vous etes chaud?

Geneva Vous etes chaud??? ;)))

Geneva Vous etes chaud??? ;)))


Za Fountain*

Za Fountain*


Clubbing in Geneva…

After staying in Switzerland for almost 2 months my friends and I decided to expore the night life in Geneva.. Here are a couple of clubs worth visiting.

  • MAD  (le Moulin à Dance) very young crowd(students and down-to-earth) but it depends on the night
  •  La SIP– very popular place .. you can’t get in if you’re under 25
  • Le Baroque – Trendy and upscale
  • Gold n Platinum –very Posh and slightly snobbish,but still worth it..
  • Bypass My favourite, can be quite a young crowd but most of the time great music and all ages depending on the night once again !

Dj Antoine at Bypass

My song of that year was ‘Ma Cherie’ by Dj Antoine.. One of the weekends we heard Dj Antoine was performing at one of  the clubs called” Bypass” . Thanks to Franzie once again 😉 We immediately  decided to go and we ended up right infront of him! When he appeared everyone went crazy especially all the girls who were pushing and pulling to get closer…He kept on saying ”  Geneva, are you ready , Geneva vous etes chaud?( Are you hot?but, in French sounds very different  ‘  ”’Geneva are you fu*cking readyyy? ” the crowd went wild! He then threw his signature glasses and I got the first pair of zebra coloured Dj Antoine shades…Franzie then caught the leopard coloured ones!!! It couldn’t get any better….and yet it did! He was also giving away to certain people signed photos of himself….haha..We got those too…  We were there until the wee hours the next morning…Ovomaltine

Dj Antoine

Rocking the Shades***

Ovaltine after clubbing….

After that brilliant and eventful night, we needed breakfast…We  had Ovaltine in the centre as the coffee shops were just opening…Ovaltine or Ovomaltine is a malty Swiss drink full of vitamins and calories! I have been drinking it since I was just a naughty toddler . It’s my favourite, I absolutely love it!

Still Talking About Punctuality….

I then  took a bus back home..Like I have said before I love Geneva because it really taught me a lot about punctuality ….The bus came at exactly 7a.m not a split second before or after! I came a tiny split second after.. I had to start running after it while in high heels  and banging on it with my arm- ……It eventually let me in…I sat right at the front.

Sleeping Beauty…

I had fallen asleep so deeply I missed my stop..Oops- the bus driver actually woke me up and she also told me that throughout the whole ride some guy was trying to talk to me but I kept on shooing him away with my hand and falling back into a peaceful sleep..haha…..I guess as they say ”All’s well that ends well”….. So, in Switzerland they don’t joke about Time- that’s why they are famous for their luxury Swiss watches…Time is Money! ;))) xxx


Naughty statues around Geneva….SHocking..innit…?! ;)

Dj ANtoine

Chaud! ;)


The French, Swiss, Germans and Africans..***

Cheers to the French, Swiss, Germans and Africans..***

Geneva, vous etez CHAUUUD??? OUI, Je suis tres, tres Chaud!!! hahahaha









My Friend tricking me into thinking it was taking a picture!!! We were supposed to sing together… It was a video instead!!!


My Cheriiiieiiiiieiiiiieii

Languages I speak***

  • I speak fluent English* I do love the English Language!
  • Parlo Italiano Molto Bene,  Grazie…. (Lived almost 4 years in Italia)
  • Говоря български– I was born in Bulgaria(I was really small  when we moved to South Africa )
  • Ek praat Afrikaans – I actually went to an Afrikaans High School (Hoerskool Hendrik Verwoerd) So random!
  • Je parle un peu le Francais  *Stayed around 10 months in France and Monaco ( Perfecting my grammar) French is such a difficult language to learn(compared to Italian!) as you don’t pronounce so many things…The Grammar is crazy- almost crazier than me!


I took this little book with me when clubbing at 'Jimmy'z' a club in Monte Carlo...Surprisingly many of the boys were interested in helping me improve my French....;)))

I took this little book with me when clubbing at ‘Jimmy’z’- a club in Monte Carlo…Surprisingly so many boys were interested in helping me improve my French….;)))

The World Song…Animaniacs


Yakko’s World

This used to be one of my favourite cartoons when I was younger( even now..)  It’s a small world after all ! But, still so many countries to go=))) I have mostly explored Europe and Southern Africa- there are 5 more continents! Step-by-Step I hope to see them all !




Baby Seal in Falsterbo

Unexpected Little Head Above the Water….

Seal in Falsterbo

He is coming =))) xx

We finally arrived at the sea in Falsterbo! Stunning white sands all around..! We were out and about tanning when all of a sudden we see this little head coming above the water! It was a little black seal… We decided to sit on the beach and I was hoping it would come to me.. All of a sudden it kept on swimming nearer and nearer and it actually came to me on the shore….It had the cutest little whiskers…I think maybe he thought I was his Mommy because I was wearing black.. It was a tiny baby seal and some locals told us that apparently it was lost already for two days! It was quite tired and hungry so we called the animal rescue and they told us they would come as soon as they can and that in the mean time we should leave it to rest… So I was like his body guard standing a couple of meters from him telling the people(especially curious little children) that it needs to rest and we should not disturb him! Eventually it fell asleep-it was so beautiful it actually turned fluffy white in the sun! To the Rescue… About half an hour later Animal Rescue arrived and while they were filming it we had to wake him up and put him in a container . They said it was only around 2 days old so it needed to be fed special milk.. I was reading that usually after 3 weeks the mother seals leave their babies and they have to take care of themselves- but this one was like a new-born and was lost by accident ……He was so adorable he still had his umbelical cord!  I almost wanted to take him with me, but I am glad that he is safe now. I was also quite impressed at how quick Animal Rescue was. I miss him already… Sea Puppy Love ***

Falsterbo med Skanor

Hej! Hej! xx



Love at first Sight!!!


Skanor med Falsterbo

Hur Mar du …;)


Seal in Falsterbo

Hello Little One!


Du Gamla Du Fria!!! National Sweden Day!



Happy Sweet Sweden Day!!!

Yesterday was the National Day of Sweden! I really had a great day… All around the city center they gave out Swedish flags and people gathered in Djurgarden to see the King! Kung Carl Gustav… I only saw him on television though.

National Sweden Day!!!

Getting Ready to Paint the Town Red!!! and Blue n Yellow….xx

My friend Victoria who is from Iceland came to fetch me and we then had sushi and went to tan in Hagaparken so we were sun-kissed for the night 😉
















Lovely Lappis…



We were then headed off to Lappis where we met her boyfriend Ben who is half Swedish ,Half Austrailian…Lappis is a really cool student neighbourhood.. We had a bottle of red wine at the bar/restaurant in Lappis . Afterwards we had a barbeque and were then off to Stureplan for a Girl’s Night Out…..


Silicone in Stureplan….

We were at Sturehof which is a really good restaurant and aperitivo place which then becomes a nightclub afterwards . Victoria was shocked at the plastic surgery and silicone lips on all the ladies…We happened to be the youngest there and one of the few brunettes… We really liked it though as they were playing some 80’s Jazz the whole evening. After Sturehoff we headed of to StureCompagniet Club….It  was super because there were 3 dancefloors- one was Rap and R’n’B.

After a couple of glasses of Rosè....Trees are friends..haha

After a couple of glasses of Rosè….Trees are friends..haha

The other was House an ther third one was all random! It was a very variety filled place with people of all ages. I had such a fun-filled busy day and  I had the best night ever! In the morning my boyfriend and I took an olden day train back to Uppsala… This is actually my second year in a row celebrating National Sweden Day !  I love it because it’s still so light and sunny even now at 10 pm!   God Bless Sweden!




Student Life in Lappis…Ben’s equations..

What I found under Viki's bed...'Aids kills -Don't be Silly put a condom on Your willy!'

‘Aids kills -Don’t be Silly put a condom on Your willy!’





















Johan and I early in the morning..Slightly hungover but loving it!



Bella Viktoria*



Good Will Hunting***

Good Will Hunting***












On the way back***

On the way back***




This is the National Anthem of Sweden during the wedding of their Princess  in 2010***

                                                                                                      All together now….. 😉 xx


Born to Be Wild*


Happy Birthday Mom!!! 

A special video for my Mom as it’s her birthday today!!! Thank you Mom for everything you have taught me* I love you lots . Have A Super Day… Now it’s time to go get drunk ..heehee I mean to celebrate…;)))

Africa in me- Climbing Trees and being Free!!! xx


You can’t take Africa out of me ………




Skokloster* Sweden

The Ancient Castle of Skokloster…JK1_4404_2221

This weekend I went to Skokloster.  The weather was incredible …There is a really cool castle there which was built between 1654 and 1676. It is really majestic.. There was also an exhibition of Vipers and some old classic cars… We hung around the Vipers most of the time as they happened to match our clothes!…We were having delicious lunch  and while we were eating -this elderly man came to our table and asked for a chair – so we said yes he can take it.  The next moment was quite unexpected because he took the chair and sat right next to me..  My boyfriend’s  reaction was priceless.  He was really cool though and spoke perfect English too! We spoke about life and stuff in general! He told us he was 82 years old and his name is Bo, really friendly man, married for 50 years! I love it when spontaneous stuff like this happens!



Such a great day! Cheers to the Unexpected and spontaneous!


Flirty Little Swedish Boy..;)


Little Heartbreaker! ***



The next day while I was out walking in ‘Ekoln ‘ near the lake- this little Swedish boy sitting on a rock says to me ”Hey Hey! ” He was so cute !  After I said ”Hey Hey” I asked him what’s his name he then told me ”He can’t say!”  Afterwards when his parents came and I gave hime a cupcake he told me his name is ‘Jacob and that he was 3 years old !Little flirt!  He was even kind enough to take his picture with me!

Swedish people are so polite, I almost don’t want to leave Sweden ! Almost! 😉

***Swedish Delight***


Viper cars


Walt Disney
So True*








Keeping our Inner Child Alive!

Happy International Children’s Day to everyone! Let us respect and love the children around us because they learn from example and they are the future.  Being an Aupair so many times  I realised you can learn so much from children- because they are so real, creative, spontaneous and genuinely authentic ! They are almost always non-stop happy and energetic.  Everything makes an impression on them and they are up for anything. Most of the time they seem more intelligent and alert than certain adults.

Let us also always remember to keep our inner child alive !  Have a wonderful day seen through children’s eyes* =)))

1st of June

Now….still my fave colour…

International Childrens' day!

Then….Pink is my favourite colour……;)


Quotes about children….


“Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they’re looking for ideas”

Paula Poundstone


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”


“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.”

Richard L. Evans


Don’t you worry, Don’t you worry Child…..See Heaven’s got a Plan for You ***