Avicii! Bitchiii!

Heyyy Brother! dsc_0758

Woohoo! My boyfriend surprised me with 2 tickets to Avicii this morning! He was making excuses about not being able to get them as they were all sold-out.. So I gave him the motivational speech about the 2 types of people in this world -the ones who go out and get what they want or people that just make excuses and have reasons why they can’t! I do admire the first kind! So my boyfriend surprised me! He managed to find them this morning. We are going tomorrow!!!

So it just shows when you really want something you will find a way !

He loves Avicii more than I do- as he is really into house music . He’s the best!  So Avicii –watch out ! Here we come!        I am so excited- I just can’t hide it!








Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street! 

I just watched the’ Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo Di Caprio.  It is based on a true-story about a guy called Jordan Belfort who became one of the wealthiest, most successful brokers ever starting from scratch.

He ended up losing everything but is now a motivational speaker on the ‘ straight line persuasion’ technique for sales! The movie is 3 hours long and an absolute thrill! From sinking a yacht, crashing a helicopter and sniffing cocaine from a hookers bottom! It definitely keeps you on your toes ! It’s not the fact he scammed so many people out of their money -he even said that greed had got the better of him but what inspires me most about him is he came out of it all a better man -helping others! He is brilliant-minded with an out-of-this-world intelligence. He is my idol – what a life!


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The Real Jordan Belfort!

The Real Jordan Belfort!

Tasty simple delicious quinoa salad


My Recipe of the Day !

Close to 2 years I have been a Pescaterian which means I only eat Fish and seafood. I do not eat animals nor birds. They are friends..(then again so are fishies;)  So during these 2 years I have discovered really delicious grains ,seeds and cereals. One of my favourite foods ever is quinoa . It is so easy and quick to make I could have it for breakfast ,lunch and dinner!

This is one of my favourite salads of all time! So simple , Soooo delicious !

Tri-colour quinoa salad with sunflower seeds

  • A cup of cooked quinoa seeds/grains

  • Sunflower seeds(I prefer them raw)

  • Green salad

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Grated feta cheese

  • Sliced cucumber

  • Olive oil

  • Black pepper

  • Balsamic vinegar


Cook the quinoa for around 20 minutes( sometimes more if you feel you need to )

Grate the feta cheese in it and mix it in the hot quinoa- this will make it melt…

Mmm Sprinkle the black pepper and olive oil on top. Keep on mixing ,Baby…

Let it cool down.  Cut all your veggies and then add the sunflower seeds and quinoa- add some more olive oil and then the balsamic vinegar…




It is ready to serve! So delicious I have been eating this almost every day last week! Ha -now experimenting with other ingredients too!


P.s Goes so well with red wine! ..or any wine actually ;)))


Buon Apetito***

Polly xX