A little Party time in Milan…..***

A little Party time in Milan…..***

Milano ,Milano….     

Old Fashion...
Old Fashion…

I lived in Milan for almost 3 months. It is a very industrial and superficial city… Apart from clubbing and shopping there isn’t that much to do compared to other Italian cities.  I did a bit of  photography modelling when I was there and I also worked  as a model for this shoe expo which had over 40 000 shoes! It was a part-time job so it was perfect!

Every night of the week there’s something going on somewhere! There are hundreds of clubs or ‘disco’s ‘ as the Italians call them. When I was there my friend from Austrailia came to visit me and we practically got in everywhere and for free! There are so many different places with music for all tastes…There are student parties every week, 80’s night( for the Old school peeps ) over 30’s mostly for people over age 30 but almost any one can go in anyway, they also had a different country week party -we happened to be there for ”Austrailia week”. You also have private parties , white parties and many ,many more!



We met all the promoters of all the clubs… If you’re a foreign girl -chances are you’ll get in almost everywhere for free….

Many of the cool places to go to are actually on the same road ‘Corso Como ‘ others around the city!

These are just some of the clubs to go to when in Milan :

  • LOOLAPALOOZA- Great on Student Thursdays 
  • OLD FASHION – Pumping on a Wednesday
  • IL HOLLYWOOD Disco- Fridays and Saturdays
  • AlCATRAZ- Less posh more rock!
  • LA BAROQUEAll weekend
  •  Club ‘SHOCKING ‘ it was indeed..!
  • LOTUS- Restaurant and club-All weekend
  • JUST CAVALLI CAfèFridays and Saturdays
  • ARMANI PRIVE – Saturdays










Austrailia Week!
Austrailia Week!

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