Avicii ! Bitchi ! Too True Tour!

Avicii ! Bitchi ! Too True Tour!


True Tour -2014 Tele 2 Arena

Last night I was at an Avicii concert for the first time ever ! It was held in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm . The venue holds 35 000 people and it was completely sold-out !!! I had perhaps one too many  swedish ciders and about 1 hour before Avicii appeared my boyfriend and I got lost in the Arena! Ha! An hour later by miracle we found each other just in time for A VI CII!!!! WOOOHOO!!!!!

It was spectacular, he started around 8 until 11 . I had so much fun time flew right past me ! Avicii was wearing his cap backwards and waving his hand , the energy that he was emanating was incredible ! You could feel his aura from a mile away! We were at the standing dance floor and I was jumping and shouting non-stop. I can now  feel all my muscles in my legs! I have also lost my voice singing/shouting to  ‘Wake me Up” and his every other hit! I was so thirsty and the coolest thing was that the security boys had water bottles and were squirting water in everyones mouths during the concert!! Ha! I totally loved that.   I also found a glow-in-the-dark barcelet that says ”I love house”

I just woke up and still can’t stop listening to my Avicii playlist!! Will put up the video in a bit ! xX







Oh dear boy, I wanna follow you,You’re a wild boy, I am a wild girl too, oh dear boy, so shallow in the blue

It’s our time for everything and I call you!!!







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