Avicii! Bitchiii!

Avicii! Bitchiii!

Heyyy Brother! dsc_0758

Woohoo! My boyfriend surprised me with 2 tickets to Avicii this morning! He was making excuses about not being able to get them as they were all sold-out.. So I gave him the motivational speech about the 2 types of people in this world -the ones who go out and get what they want or people that just make excuses and have reasons why they can’t! I do admire the first kind! So my boyfriend surprised me! He managed to find them this morning. We are going tomorrow!!!

So it just shows when you really want something you will find a way !

He loves Avicii more than I do- as he is really into house music . He’s the best!  So Avicii –watch out ! Here we come!        I am so excited- I just can’t hide it!








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