Baby Seal in Falsterbo

Baby Seal in Falsterbo

Unexpected Little Head Above the Water….

Seal in Falsterbo
He is coming =))) xx

We finally arrived at the sea in Falsterbo! Stunning white sands all around..! We were out and about tanning when all of a sudden we see this little head coming above the water! It was a little black seal… We decided to sit on the beach and I was hoping it would come to me.. All of a sudden it kept on swimming nearer and nearer and it actually came to me on the shore….It had the cutest little whiskers…I think maybe he thought I was his Mommy because I was wearing black.. It was a tiny baby seal and some locals told us that apparently it was lost already for two days! It was quite tired and hungry so we called the animal rescue and they told us they would come as soon as they can and that in the mean time we should leave it to rest… So I was like his body guard standing a couple of meters from him telling the people(especially curious little children) that it needs to rest and we should not disturb him! Eventually it fell asleep-it was so beautiful it actually turned fluffy white in the sun! To the Rescue… About half an hour later Animal Rescue arrived and while they were filming it we had to wake him up and put him in a container . They said it was only around 2 days old so it needed to be fed special milk.. I was reading that usually after 3 weeks the mother seals leave their babies and they have to take care of themselves- but this one was like a new-born and was lost by accident ……He was so adorable he still had his umbelical cord!  I almost wanted to take him with me, but I am glad that he is safe now. I was also quite impressed at how quick Animal Rescue was. I miss him already… Sea Puppy Love ***

Falsterbo med Skanor
Hej! Hej! xx


Love at first Sight!!!


Skanor med Falsterbo
Hur Mar du …;)


Seal in Falsterbo
Hello Little One!


4 Replies to “Baby Seal in Falsterbo”

  1. Im so glad they saved him and responded so quickly ! ! ! 😀 ….
    and p.s. you are SO gorgeous ! love the photis polzi ! …. but i’m sure you know this already ! 😀 xxx

    1. Thank you Carmellita -here in the south of Sweden they really look after and protect their animals….We met the people who saved her just yesterday (the baby seal-Polly) and she is 18 kilograms already ! When she becomes 25 kilograms they are setting her free.. You would love the nature here =))) xx

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