Cape Town Travelguide to My hood

Cape Town Travelguide to My hood

K30D454927C787_166Author: My Childhood friend Nadia Blumer  

I haven’t lived here all my life but I certainly call this place my home now! I don’t know what I’d do without my flat-top mountain hovering majestically in the sky, or the strikingly green forests with that soothing smell of pine and the fresh sea breeze rolling in from all sides.

After living here for more than nine years I am yet to uncover the many hidden gems that the Mother City keeps tucked away in special places. I feel like Alice in Wonderland … the rabbit hole never ends…

I have, however, discovered quite a few spots in my time here that will make you feel all cosy and fuzzy inside. So down the rabbit hole we go:

Houtbay – Katima

A really classy, but cosy restaurant that serves the most delectable oriental meals, while creating an ambiance you can’t shake off for days. Warm lighting, intimate candle-lit tables, and interesting décor you suddenly realise that it’s the “place to be”! I suggest having a digestive in the bar lounge after your meal, the leather couches invite you in while you snuggle and sip on your Jagermeister. Before you leave, make sure you ask about the table set for one with an assortment of food and wine, whether you believe in ghost stories or not it’s a nice way to end your night with a mystical twist…


Llandudno South AfricaOnce you reach the top of the mountain pass you’ll easily be able to agree that this is one of the most spectacular places. The view alone is phenomenal, especially during sunset where the sun literally throws sparkling diamonds into the vast ocean, the beauty sucks you in.

Llandudno beach is tucked neatly away under the mountain with soft golden sand, a few boulders if you’re one to hide, and a crisp ocean to cool off in under the heat of the African sun. If you’re a romantic, take your lover to this beach on Valentine’s Day … everyone brings lanterns and candles and when the sun sets the beach looks like a scene from Avatar.

Kalk Bay – Polana

The best way to describe Kalk Bay is “foreign land”. This is such a cute part of Cape Town, with so many sweet, but detailed shops and cafes that you find yourself gasping and wandering in every direction. Polana is one of those places where you’re guaranteed a great meal and a good time. With the waves breaking right on the glass walls of the restaurant, you feel like you’re in a foreign, majestic part of Scotland. But when you move to the lounge area you feel like you’re in a fancy spot in Paris. You’ll leave satisfied in every aspect.

Claremont – Oblivion

While this may not exactly be a hidden gem, it’s definitely the right place to be if you’re in the mood for a mouth-wateringl scrumptious pizza , a good ass-shaking, and a shot of tequila while dancing on a table. A typical night at Oblivion on the weekend would be dinner at 7pm, where after things become louder and better. A restaurant by day and a club by night, it’s a perfect combination of a good meal and a great party, without having to travel to several places.


You cannot claim you’ve experienced Cape Town unless you’ve made a trip to Stellenbosch. Get ready for an overload of emotions when you’re bombarded with all the cultural history, the amounts of students and places to see, and most importantly the amount of bar/club hopping you’ll be doing as your newly-made student friends drag you from pre-drinks at a house party, to the Mystic Boer to round up the troops, and then to clubs I can’t remember the names of for the night of your life. When you need to walk off that hangover the morning after, there’s nothing better than going to one of the many weekend markets to fuel up on amazing assortments of food, drink, and live music. The Blaauwklippen market is one of my favourites.

I haven’t even made a small dent in the number of amazing places that Cape Town has to offer. Like I said, it’s a never-ending rabbit hole of adventures waiting to happen. All you have to do is jump!






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