Du Gamla Du Fria!!! National Sweden Day!



Happy Sweet Sweden Day!!!

Yesterday was the National Day of Sweden! I really had a great day… All around the city center they gave out Swedish flags and people gathered in Djurgarden to see the King! Kung Carl Gustav… I only saw him on television though.

National Sweden Day!!!

Getting Ready to Paint the Town Red!!! and Blue n Yellow….xx

My friend Victoria who is from Iceland came to fetch me and we then had sushi and went to tan in Hagaparken so we were sun-kissed for the night 😉
















Lovely Lappis…



We were then headed off to Lappis where we met her boyfriend Ben who is half Swedish ,Half Austrailian…Lappis is a really cool student neighbourhood.. We had a bottle of red wine at the bar/restaurant in Lappis . Afterwards we had a barbeque and were then off to Stureplan for a Girl’s Night Out…..


Silicone in Stureplan….

We were at Sturehof which is a really good restaurant and aperitivo place which then becomes a nightclub afterwards . Victoria was shocked at the plastic surgery and silicone lips on all the ladies…We happened to be the youngest there and one of the few brunettes… We really liked it though as they were playing some 80’s Jazz the whole evening. After Sturehoff we headed of to StureCompagniet Club….It  was super because there were 3 dancefloors- one was Rap and R’n’B.

After a couple of glasses of Rosè....Trees are friends..haha

After a couple of glasses of Rosè….Trees are friends..haha

The other was House an ther third one was all random! It was a very variety filled place with people of all ages. I had such a fun-filled busy day and  I had the best night ever! In the morning my boyfriend and I took an olden day train back to Uppsala… This is actually my second year in a row celebrating National Sweden Day !  I love it because it’s still so light and sunny even now at 10 pm!   God Bless Sweden!




Student Life in Lappis…Ben’s equations..

What I found under Viki's bed...'Aids kills -Don't be Silly put a condom on Your willy!'

‘Aids kills -Don’t be Silly put a condom on Your willy!’





















Johan and I early in the morning..Slightly hungover but loving it!



Bella Viktoria*



Good Will Hunting***

Good Will Hunting***












On the way back***

On the way back***




This is the National Anthem of Sweden during the wedding of their Princess  in 2010***

                                                                                                      All together now….. 😉 xx


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