Eurovision Bitch Judge and ”Welcome To Sweden ” Series

Eurovision Bitch Judge and ”Welcome To Sweden ” Series

Sverige! Yeah!


Det ar inte musik …

Watching coincidentally ‘Eurovision’ I understood my first Swedish sentence! Bulgaria just finished singing it’s song, then this Swedish lady said ‘Det ar inte musik- Det ar tortyr’ which means ”This is not music-this is torture!’-Can you believe it? What a slampa..haha.. I was very happy I understood that in Swedish..but also slightly upset because I was actually born in Bulgaria(I was 3 when we moved to S.A)….The song was quite unique  , drums, shakers and bag-pipes….. A little too eccentric for the Swedish crowd perhaps?…… I got to admit though my favourite was Denmark. I had a feeling from the beginning they would win!

Who was your favourite? Let me know below! 

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