First time in Italy*** Ciao Bella!!!

First time in Italy*** Ciao Bella!!!

About My 1st trip to Italy!!!


As you might know I was brought up in Pretoria , South Africa.  Although I always knew I wanted to live in Europe. The lifestyle in South Africa at the time didn’t seem to suit me.. vast roads huge distances and hectic security measures – always having to be on the lookout because of the crime was not my thing…I had this burning urge to travel and explore the whole world!!! Everything fascinated me about the world and all the different people and cultures…

My 1st Stop…

So, as I finally just turned 18  I decided Africa was too far from the rest of the world and decided to go to Italy!  To learn Italian. I found a job as an aupair on-line and was well on my way to Italy.  The moment my foot stepped on Italian ground I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be! It was also the year Italy had won the World Cup!!!

On my first trip to Italy they had actually lost my luggage somewhere in Frankfurt… But that was actually ok as it gave me a good excuse to buy new clothes in Italy….Italian Style!

Learning Italian

The family that was hosting me was amazing..They helped me find  a language school…After enrolling at a language school in Genova, on via venti settembre'( which is the main street in town and means-‘ Street 20’)  I started an intensive Italian course . We were about 10 students and the teacher didn’t speak a word of English to us not because she didn’t know any but apparently this was the best way to learn a foreign language.  In the beginning I was not impressed as  this was my first time learning Italian and I had no clue what was going on….but then day after day things started slowly making sense..It was a bit like a puzzle coming together….It felt like I was unravelling the Da Vinci Code …I was actually starting to understand Italian! The feeling was exhilirating!    Everytime I stepped out of that class it was like I couldn’t wait to start practising my Italian on some Italian!!! After about 6 months I could speak basic Italian and then began my Italian adventure all around Italy and Europe!

Forza Azzurriiiiii!!!

Genova, Piazza De Ferrari ***
Genova, Piazza De Ferrari ***

Italian Ice-cream

Every single day I was there I would eat Italian ice-cream and drink an espressso ..It just became my thing.. I tasted a new flavour everyday…The ice-cream in Italy is the best in the world…. Sometimes I would have up to 5 flavours!

Some 1st time Italian Impressions or facts ….

  • The people here have style, they  ( especially the boys ) dress to impress…even if it’s just to go to the grocers- they will be going there in style…
  • Italian boys  seem to be more vain than girls- plucking their eyebrows and staring at themselves in every mirror..
  • If you are a girl and there’s an Italian guy around he will say  ”Ciao Bella”  even if you are ugly as F**k . They say it to everyone. Don’t get too excited,  it’s just a reflex they have…
  • Soccer is a religion above all religions here in Italy-the ball is their God…
  • Almost everyone here still lives with their parents until they are married…
  • Italian coffee is the best!
  • Italian Ice-cream is the creamiest!
  • I want a Ferrari ! =)

Life in Italy was great and this was just the beginning…..!!!

Viva Italia!!!
Viva Italia!!!




One never goes so far as when one doesn’t know where one is going

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Learning a new languages is like entering a new planet***


“Language tethers us to the world; without it we spin like atoms”

Penelope Lively quotes

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the and the blind can see”

Mark Twain quotes


First time Aupair with my lovely Virginia*She is the best!
Around the Italian Riviera
Around the Italian Riviera
My first b-day in Italy..some photobomber..;)
My first b-day in Italy..Italians love celebrating..;)


























Ciao Bella !!!  Ciao!  Ciao!  Ciao!

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  1. You are amazing. . .not because you are my and only daughter but you using the words very well. . .I am very proud of you!. . .Love you, Polly!!!

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