From Scandinavia to the Caribbean and back again!

From Scandinavia to the Caribbean and back again!

The Caribbean….

Mongoose Beach!!!
Mongooses Beach!!!

Three weeks of hitch-hiking ,coconut cocktails, sailboat hitchhikes, natty-dreads, sandy beach bars, the friendliest of locals and my favourite of all…Reggae music!

Above is one of my favourite bars, it is called ‘The Mongoose Bar” I love it because it’s owned by this man-they call him ‘Mongoose’ and he has had it for over 30 years! He also gave me the best advice which I will never ever forget! He told me (said in a Caribbean accent) -”You can´t go faster than nature mon´ you just can’t- the key is to go with nature at her pace. Go with Mother Nature’ because you can never beat her’  Golden words to live by if you ever catch yourself rushing !

I had the best fish barbeque ever there.  We were invited by his friend the Irish chef and his friends .

I even went snorkelling there! I could actually hear Bob Marley while underwater snorkeling as  there was a live-band at the neighbouring bar called ‘Shipwreck’ which plays some of the best Reggae hits every week!

Ah man , where to begin! After a 3 week work/holiday in the Caribbean..-Let’s just say holiday- I am back in the Winter wonderland of Scandinavia..

These are a couple of pictures taken just days apart after my return to Scandinavia! From 28 degress to minus 8… It still feels so refreshingly cool to be back!


My Caribbean Blog coming Soon!!!(soon may be relative as time does not exist….;)


”Earth is like one big house and each country is like entering a different room!” Polly quotes..


Embracing the sand..and the Carib…!



Embracing the snow...
Embracing the snow…



Moonshine in a coconut!
Moonshine in a coconut!







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