LONely lonDON ***Part 1 – Good Old London….

LONely lonDON ***Part 1 – Good Old London….

Olden day Iphone Booth....
Olden day Iphone Booth….

New Years on the Dot

After staying in Sardinia all summer winter was approaching and so I thought why not go to London!!! After all my Irish friend was there so I thought it could be intersting… That week when I was leaving many flights were cancelled or delayed  so I ended up arriving on the 31st of December at exactly 11 pm… I was just in time for  New Years!!!

My friend met me at the airport as I arrived and she was actually quite worried I would have missed the final countdown to the New Year!! When we got on the underground the first thing I saw was a group of drunk naked british boys with just a little bit covering their royal jewels… They looked more than ready for the new years celebration.. I was looking forward to London indeed…….We  ended up celebrating at the club ‘ Cafè de Paris ”  and all around the city centre! New Years in London turned out a success!!!

Gym reception here...How can I help you?...=)))
Polly here…How can I help you?…=)

Variety of people

My first impression of London was the variety of people from all over the world…  When taking the underground this one time I heard people speaking Italian,  so I asked where exactly they were from and they said ”Sardinia’..  When I then told them that I’m from South Africa- this other  guy across me  says ”So am I..!”  he happened to be from Pretoria which is exactly my city!  Then this other guy chirped in and said in a Spanish accent..’ I am from Barcelona! We all started laughing realising how small the world actually is….. Then we all got off the next stop and parted ways….

My First British Job  

My first job I found in London was working at Picadilly. It was a small tourist agency which organised local outings in and around London and also we were  selling theatre tickets to all the spectacular shows in London.  It was really cool because once a month we were allowed to go to one of the shows…My first theatre show I had ever been to was ”Love Never Dies”  it was the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  ” The Phantom of the Opera ”  It was beautiful and quite romantic (no sh*t) – hence the name ‘ Love Never Dies ‘…


''Love Never Dies''  it just fades away.......
”Love Never Dies” it just fades away…….

My Favourite Job in London

After working there for a while it started getting boring so it was time for a change… I was posting my cv everywhere on-line and I was hoping to find a job even more fun perhaps with more people my age and interests… After about two weeks    I got an interview for a gym….in South Kensington… The interview in my opinion went great! I was right because a week later I got the job! This was more than a gym it was ” Private Fitness Members Club ”.

My colleague that worked downstairs at the spa..***
One of my colleagues that worked downstairs at the spa..***

Most of the people who worked there were cool except certain girls and older ladies who ‘were quite the pain in the ass’  as quoted by the personal trainers who were the funniest and my favourite people in the whole gym! We also had a spa centre  downstairs and I was treated once a month to a beauty treatment of my choice!  I even got my own personal trainer and was allowed to train for free while working there!

Kim Catrall

I was at front-desk reception and I had to welcome all the people who were coming to train .  Most of the people were really famous but also very friendly and down-to-earth. I met Kim Catrall from ‘Sex and the City”.  She was awesome – she is is actually from Liverpool!

Hugh Grant

He is super cool.  He was quite addicted to the gym he came twice a day! He is exactly the way he is in his movies- he doesn’t need to act he is a real life english gentleman.  He would always say to me ‘ Good day ‘ on his arrival and departure..and I would be like  ”Good day Mr. Grant ” with my cheeks blushing more red than a summer red apple….

Which reminds me that we also had red apples at reception which I had to  polish and place in a bowl for the members … The one person which was kind of a pretentious b**** was some Princess of Greece or some where.

She would never say hi nor bye and it really made me want to throw one of those apples at her….but , I didn’t… Some times you just need to control yourself…haha….

All in all it was great… London has so many things to do and there are so many amazing people that I have met- so there will be a part-2 to this aswell!

Good Day To All !!!

Shiny Apples for the Pink Ladies...***
Shiny Apples for the Pink Ladies…***
Monkeying around when there was no one there.....
Monkeying around at the gym when there was no one there…..

Nottinghill..... Get ready to Mind The Gap again !!!
Nottinghill….. Get ready to Mind The Gap !!!

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