Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street! 

I just watched the’ Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo Di Caprio.  It is based on a true-story about a guy called Jordan Belfort who became one of the wealthiest, most successful brokers ever starting from scratch.

He ended up losing everything but is now a motivational speaker on the ‘ straight line persuasion’ technique for sales! The movie is 3 hours long and an absolute thrill! From sinking a yacht, crashing a helicopter and sniffing cocaine from a hookers bottom! It definitely keeps you on your toes ! It’s not the fact he scammed so many people out of their money -he even said that greed had got the better of him but what inspires me most about him is he came out of it all a better man -helping others! He is brilliant-minded with an out-of-this-world intelligence. He is my idol – what a life!


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The Real Jordan Belfort!

The Real Jordan Belfort!

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