Milking the cow***

Au lait..Au lait… Good morning Good morning my Swiss friends…!!!  Let’s start the day with some fresh milk straight from the cows….. My fave place …♥♥♥ haha..gotta love my milk machine……

The best breakfast ever !  Unpasteurised milk has more benefits because it retains all the vitamins and creaminess and stuff!!!  It’s very creamy and ice-cold .. I love starting my morning with a bottle from my fave milk machine!

You can bring your own bottle or choose one from the left of the machine for 20 cents (plastic) 1litre or 2 euros  for a 2litre glass one  with colourful cows on it.. .you can then choose how much milk you need..20 cents is like a third and 50 cents is half and 1 euro is a litre.. Choose the amount by placing in the coins and then the steel door opens- you then place your bottle by the the teet..ah I mean the steel tube and press a button until it’s full!  Then just remember to close the little steel door again else it keeps on buzzing!!!

My favourite place just outside Geneva infront of a church open 24hours a day!!! The freshest milk available any time or day!  For just a Euro a litre!

Got milk?

Got milk?

.za milk***

Behind the little steel door..

So refreshing !!!

So refreshing !!!

It all begins...

It all begins…

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