MONaco moNEY***can’t buy youth***

MONaco moNEY***can’t buy youth***

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino

My first impressions on Monaco.

I had found a job as a secretary in Monaco so I decided to move there.

My first job  didn’t last too long as the boss was quite the creep…. He was a 75 -year-old billionaire who had around 4 secretaries in a tiny cramped office….. He couldn’t even change his own light-bulb and even called me once asking how to change the channel on his Tv…  He paid everyone to do basic things like that… I was also baby-sitting part-time for this family who owned a gold mine!  The little boy I was looking after was 3 and knew better than me how to use an Ipad…. It was quite a contrast when comparing it with a 75-year-old boss who didn’t know how to use a simple remote-controller…… I didn’t like any of those jobs but I was lucky enough to find a temporary job that I loved!!!

My favourite job in Monaco

Monkey-ing around at the gym***
Me Monkeying around at the gym***

I got a job to work in a really cool gym in Monaco- it was just about personal training! Everyone who worked there was super young, fit and down-to-earth and knew everything there is to know about fitness! The owners were British so they were quite witty! I was at reception.  Our gym was just about being fit and toned and feeling healthy!

Talk about Self-Absorption……

Walking around in Monaco was quite strange..Every 5 minutes you would hear the sound of Ferraris speeding by (which was kinda cool;)…. Everyone looking rather tense rushing to work .  This one time I remember as I was walking I noticed that an elderly man had fallen on the sidewalk and no-one helped him up they just kept on stepping over him so my friend and I helped him up and she called the ambulance…. Everyone seemed so self-absorbed they couldn’t have cared less what was going around them….

Plastic Surgery gone wrong

Another thing what really hit me was the majority of women above 50 all had plastic surgery- gone really wrong ! It was rather paradoxical because they are all so obsessed with the way they looked and addicted to surgery which in the long run seemed to make them uglier than before….Try to immagine plastic surgery pulling your faces in all directions but sagging at the same time with prominent silicone lips sticking out and extremely fake tanned orange faces and bodies.. ..It’s hard to immagine, I know…….Money can’t always buy style…

It also made me realise that no matter how much money you have or who your surgeon is- in the end …. We are all going to age….You can’t buy youth…..So,  it’s best to keep it natural because in the end Mother Nature will win!!! When we’re young we should be young when  we  start ageing we should accept it and embrace it!! It’s not just you who is going to age-EVERYONE eventually ages..It’s part of life!  So,  let’s do it gracefully.  Internally though,  we should always feel youthful and energetic because our souls won’t ever age=))) hahaha ….. So,  it was quite an interesting place but definitely only for holiday !

My tips for having a youthful appearance…

  • Drink lots of water~ Water is life and detoxifies
  •  Eat healthy!~ Limit the junk food and fried foods
  • Do sports!~ Exercising , yoga or just walking 20 minutes a day can boost your health and mood!
  •  Laugh often ~ laughing gives us a youthful expression!
  • Stay around positive people~ People with a positive out look can be contagious and inspirational!
  • Smile a lot  ~it is like natural botox…  I have heard that your life shows on the face~ you can see the different faces and expressions on the senile ones who have had permanent frowns during their lifes or the friendly older people with a softer appearance …Who would you prefer to look like ?
  • Just enjoy life ! We have only one life~ with plastic surgery you risk looking like clown and there is no going back…
  • Keep it natural* Mother Nature knows best…
  • Travel to new places~ it renews your thinking and opens your mind!…and keeps you forever young!!! haha~ at least mentally !!!


“I look forward to growing old and wise and audacious.”

“One of the best parts of growing older?  You can flirt all you like since you’ve become harmless.”

“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.”

“If youth knew; if age could.”

“To get back to my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable”  Oscar Wilde quote

What are your feelings on Plastic Surgery? Feel free to comment below…

Babysitting this cute boy!!!
Babysitting this cute boy!!!


The Harbour of Monaco***
The Harbour of Monaco***


You are apparently not allowed to sit on the grass-neither are the birds!!!
You are apparently not allowed to sit on the grass-neither are the birds!!!
Near the castle*
Near the castle*


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