My Naughty Gardener!

My Naughty Gardener!

Bob Marley
Bob Marley Painting done by Melany Pietersen***
Some of the weed that was still left-over after baking day;)))











My Naughty Gardener Patrick   

This is about the time when my gardener planted weed in our garden! I had no idea until my friends came and pointed it out to me! My gardener’s name is Patrick. We had to change our cleaning ladies very often because Patrick made the majority pregnant! I suppose he knew how to make them feel welcomed!  He didn’t have many teeth but regardless of that , the ladies found him charming …  I dedicate this video to him. He was truly the best gardener anyone could ever have!



This was just a phase but what are your views on the famous Mary Jane…?;) Comment below 

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