Salon de Chocolate*** Cocoa is actually a fruit!!!

Salon de Chocolate*** Cocoa is actually a fruit!!!

Swiss Flag
Swiss Style!

Is there anything more delicious than a a block of chocolate melting  in your mouth ?….Living in Geneva I realised.. No,there isn’t ***  I have always been a chocolate fanatic since I was born…  Though, the moment I moved to Switzerland I realised this even more …and that there is a huge difference between chocolate and fine chocolate….especially when it’s Swiss .  I have always loved swiss chocolate  ”Lindt”  but I wouldn’t buy it that often as it was super expensive in South Africa compared to just ”normal” chocolate…  I attended the  ‘Salon de Chocolate’  in Geneva thanks to my German friend who invited me as she always saw me with a big swiss chocolate bar in my bag that I would take out every hour or whenever I felt like it….. The chocolate at that Salon was really amazing and made by experienced ”Chocolatiers” I was there from the minute it opened untill closing hour..  We attended both speeches about how Cocoa is made and what differentiates ”normal” chocolate and the fine chocolate of Switzerland..!

The Cocoa Fruit!!! My faveourite fruit...!!! The Cocoa Fruit!!! My faveourite fruit…!!!

The really expensive and dark chocolate has most of it’s cocoa butter and less real butter ,  flavourings  and nonsense that should not be in chocolate….  The best part of that chocolate expo was when I learnt that Cocoa is ACTUALLY A FRUIT!!!.. The man from Trinidad and Tobago who had his own ”cocoa plantation (said in a carribbean accent) ” brought with him some Cocoa plants just harvested and opened them for all of us to taste. .It was amazing a cocoa plant holds about 70 cocoa beans inside- around the cocoa bean is a soft fruity texture which tastes quite like the litchi fruit!!!  Then after that is the cocoa bean whis is slightly bitter and soft before it has been dried… ….

The one thing I loved about Geneva… was that actually the chocolate was probably the cheapest thing there is there as it comes from there (  Salon de Chocolate was  an exception as it was  more like an ”Art exhibition )’….. But, I went to an amazing huge store where about 50 metres was just chocolate – all sorts of the best swiss chocolate sold in BULK***  For super affordable prices…  That day though when the exhibition was over..all I ate  was chocolate and drank  some caribbean vanilla rum ( which goes amazingly with the  dark chocolate) *Did you know that cocoa releases endorphins in the brain…  That could explain why  I walked out the door with three chocolate bars and some cocoa beans that added up to 50 euros..  So that is probably why I was slightly brainwashed in there by all the endorphins in my own brain..haha….. But man,  was it worth it!!!

Swiss chocolate shop
My favourite shop in Geneva…beats Gucci ,Prada any day!



“Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Tom Hanks quotes


“I never met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like”


“What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead”

George Bernard Shaw quotes

Choc Choc***This is where the magic begins!!!
Choc Choc***This is where the magic begins!!!


Infront of the chocolate building with Franzie=)



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