Sardinia All Year around! Part-One

Sardinia All Year around! Part-One

 Oh, Sardinia !

Magical sunset in Castelsardo***
Magical sunset in Castelsardo***

Sardinia is possibly my favourite island of Italy! Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily.  It is not very big but there is so much to see it is mind-boggling!  Every angle of that magical island seems so different than the previous!

There are super white-sand beaches and even pink-sand beaches (Isola Rossa- Red Island) , crystal clear water and surroundings which have  even been compared to the Caribbean !

Almost everyday on that island the sun seems to shine. I lived in Sardinia for almost a year…

When I moved here I  used to work as a waitress ,club promoter and a language interpreter on a harbour with many tourists from all over the world…(in Sardinia they don’t speak any English perhaps, except the words ‘house ,dog and car…)   I have been going back at least once a year to visit my friend.

She lives in Castelsardo which is a small, ancient village in Sardina.


This was actually the first place I ever visited in Sardinia .   It is very famous because of the castle which it is named after.  Many years ago only that castle existed and people lived only on it but soon the village started expanding and became a town.

Island of Maddalena

Island of Maddalena***
Island of Maddalena***

Another one of my favourite places on the island is The island of ” Maddalena ” which is a tiny island in the island itself!… It is like a secret getaway …  You need to take a ferry which is only 15 minutes and there the nature is shockingly beautiful! There are 2 beaches on Maddalena ‘ La Pelosa’ which could be translated as the ”the hairy beach”  strange name indeed- but absolutley breath-taking scenery and ‘ Spalmatore’ which means ‘Spreader?’ haha…..Absolutely stunning!

Then there are secret little beaches all around that you can find just driving around! These are just two of my favourite places there!   This is just a sneak preview of what this island is about!   There is so much more I will be making a part-two about Sardinia!

A Presto!  

Strike a pose...Beach-style*** xxx
Strike a pose…Beach-style*** xxx

Magical sunset all around the island***Magical sunset all around the island***

Attempting to wave the Sardinian flag...***
Attempting to wave the Sardinian flag…***
Castelsardo Castle***
Castelsardo Castle behind me**
Chilling at the 'Hairy beach' ....***
Chilling at the ‘Hairy beach’ ….***
Still on the beach soaking up the sun***
Sitting on a rock soaking up the sun***

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