Skokloster* Sweden

Skokloster* Sweden

The Ancient Castle of Skokloster…JK1_4404_2221

This weekend I went to Skokloster.  The weather was incredible …There is a really cool castle there which was built between 1654 and 1676. It is really majestic.. There was also an exhibition of Vipers and some old classic cars… We hung around the Vipers most of the time as they happened to match our clothes!…We were having delicious lunch  and while we were eating -this elderly man came to our table and asked for a chair – so we said yes he can take it.  The next moment was quite unexpected because he took the chair and sat right next to me..  My boyfriend’s  reaction was priceless.  He was really cool though and spoke perfect English too! We spoke about life and stuff in general! He told us he was 82 years old and his name is Bo, really friendly man, married for 50 years! I love it when spontaneous stuff like this happens!


Such a great day! Cheers to the Unexpected and spontaneous!


Flirty Little Swedish Boy..;)

Little Heartbreaker! ***



The next day while I was out walking in ‘Ekoln ‘ near the lake- this little Swedish boy sitting on a rock says to me ”Hey Hey! ” He was so cute !  After I said ”Hey Hey” I asked him what’s his name he then told me ”He can’t say!”  Afterwards when his parents came and I gave hime a cupcake he told me his name is ‘Jacob and that he was 3 years old !Little flirt!  He was even kind enough to take his picture with me!

Swedish people are so polite, I almost don’t want to leave Sweden ! Almost! 😉

***Swedish Delight***
Viper cars

Walt Disney
So True*








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