IRonic irELAND ***

IRonic irELAND ***

Guiness***It says it all...***
***Drowning in Guinness***

I,  I,  I  trip in Ireland…      

 After some time living in Milan,  Italy…. I thought Ireland could be a fun transition. I was slowly being convinced by my Irish friend who came to visit me while in Italy… ( she was sure I’d love it..)   So we packed our suitcases and we headed off to Ireland…

It would be an experience , to say the least…….


My First Impression……

Just after landing on Irish land…..My skin which was used to the  summer sun,  was now being stung by the ice-cold wind which was welcoming us with about 50 knots an hour…..It was May and our plans were to stay at least 6 months….That was going to be a long shot………….

Clondalkin Village

We lived about 40 minutes away from Dublin city centre so I had to always catch the big yellow bus which passed the ” Guiness” beer factory right before the final stop… It was a long ride,  though the scenery was extremely green and pleasant.

The Irish Folks

***The Temple Bar***
***The Temple Bar***white as snow

The people in Dublin were extremely friendly and sociable. . I loved listening to their Irish accent ”How arr’ ya? ”

I met up with my other Irish friends (we met in a camp in Rome earlier that year)   we drank strawberry beer at a random pub.. We then went to ”The Temple Bar” (very famous pub )  and drowned in ”Guinness”…

But,  my favourite of all places in Ireland was ”Butler’s Choc and Coffee” shop- they had the best hot chocolate ever !!! It was fun walking around the city centre and exploring all the parks- but it was really cold.  As the first week passed I knew I wasn’t going to be staying long there…  I anyway  decided to look for a job that would keep me busy.

My Irish Job ( which lasted 3 days )

I ended up finding a door-to-door job selling make-up kits. I was very successful for the 3 days that I actually worked there….

Working in minus degrees just wasn’t my thing. I hadn’t barely been in Ireland for 2 weeks and honestly couldn’t wait to get out !!!

2 One-way tickets….

I had a ticket for the end of the month…but there was no way that I would be staying that long. I ended booking another one which was in 4 days! I couldn’t wait! In 4 days I would be in sunny Pisa where my friend would be waiting for me! Or so I thought……

I was wondering what to do to speed up time…

Unpleasant surprise while shopping

I decided to go shopping for clothes . As I was trying out the clothes though I noticed in the mirror  some bumps and dots on my back …. I had the intense feeling it was more than a rash…….When the doctor came to see me he indeed confirmed it was chickenpox….

Just when you think things can’t get worse………. you end up getting chickenpox?!?! WHAAAT!?!  He then said I should not leave the house for at least 2 weeks and gave me this ointment.

The days felt like years and the hours felt like weeks !

I had my ticket and my departure date that was in 4 days!!!  There was no way I was staying here 2 weeks more …With or without chickenpox …………..

Day of Departure

My day of departure arrives and that day I wore alot of make-up…..I was itching like crazy but I headed straight to the airport ! I got on my flight like a ” bee on honey ‘‘ and before you could say chickenp-  I arrived happily in Pisa where my friend was waiting for me.

It was so good to be out of Ireland!!!

Not a pox in sight

After about a week I had healed completely and there wasn’t a pox in sight! I then taught an Intensive 2-week english course in Pisa which was awesome !

Moral of the story….

This pox situation really taught me to never again say ” It can’t get any worse ” because life might just prove you wrong and  surprise you when you least expect it ! 




My Irish friends...we were really cold....
My Irish friends…we were really cold….


My Irish Friend Orlaith..Friends Forever!
My Irish Friend Orlaith..Friends Forever!
Near the O2
Near the O2


In One of the parks in Dublin
In One of the parks in Dublin






'How arr ya? '=)))
‘How arr ya? ‘=)))





It's Guinness Time!!!
It’s Guinness Time!!!





At the park ..Still posing! =)
At the park ..Still posing! =)
The Yellow Bus*
The Yellow Bus*
Dublin Park with my friend
Dublin Park with my friend



All signs will lead to 'The Temple Bar''
All signs will lead to ‘The Temple Bar”

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  1. Polly I still think of u every time I get White hot chocolate in Butlers! Unfortunately we have weather now like the weather we had when you were here. But at the weekend it was summer!!

    1. haha..It’s always the exception with the weather when I am there…Butler’s is the best though! I also like that shop for clothes- Penny’s or something?

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