The Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic

The Hair Dryer Reinvented……..


It´s Super!It´s Sonic!

A couple of months ago The Dyson Supersonic and the Dyson vacuum cleaners were physically launched in Sweden.

As you may or may not know Dyson makes incredible bagless and now cordless vacuum cleaners.

Last year he also came out with a hair dryer- but not just any hair dryer. It is now famously known as the Dyson Supersonic!

After 5 years of research ,over 500 prototypes and tested on over 1000 kilometres of hair – he really knows what he´s talking about. It is an amazing new product with a tiny powerful digital motor, it is very silent and has an in-built sensor so it will never burn the hair yet it dries it 3 times faster than any other hair dryer on the market.

I had first heard about the Dyson Supersonic from my mom (who lives in England.) She was so excited about this hair dryer that I didn’t, at that moment quite understand why…So, I started getting curious….

It first came out in England in June 2016.  She had bought it at the price of 300 pounds! At the time I was a little shocked about the price but that was until I got asked to do the event of the launching here in Stockholm (coincidence or synchronicity or what?! )

Once I held it in my hand and tried it I was sold before it even went on sale! I was literally blown away!

The design of it and the feel of it was unlike any other! I got to take one home to test it before I was to sell it! I actually couldn’t wait to wash my hair again and again just so I could use it. As the motor is in the handle (unlike the regular ones) the weight is distributed evenly so it is really light to hold.

Everything on it is digital and it has 3 speed and 3 heat settings. The tiny digital motor spins over 10000 times per minute using the patented cyclonic engineering which then pushes the air up through the round opening.

You’ll be blown away!

The sensor on top senses 21 times a minute and regulates the heat while being close to the hair so you will never have the smell of burnt hair no matter how close it comes in contact with the follicles. The attachments on top are all magnetic (first of their kind).

The motor is super silent and the only sound you hear is the sound of the air coming up and out!

I just knew that this product would immediatley be popular here in Scandinavia. We had a 3 week event at Ahlen’s City (a really popular department store in the middle of the city centre here in Stockholm)

Because…you’re worth it…!

We were based right at the entrance. The price of the Supersonic was 4000 kr. We had to stop randomn people and test it on them! The ladies absolutely loved it and also the men would come to check it out as they were interested in the engineering of it! What I love about Sweden is that the people here are really open-minded and love new things. If a product is good they don’t even care about the price! They appreciate new tecnology and most of the men were more excited than their wives about it.

Ahlens City

The Supersonic was selling almost like hot bread! Within the three weeks of this event we sold 83 units! 83 singular units, 83 units to random people walking by, most of them had only first seen it then and there and bought it on the spot. Others came back with wet hair and then purchased it leaving with fresh luscious locks! I got to keep my Supersonic and cannot imagine going back to a normal hairdryer.

The hair feels silkier as there are also ions being released with very even heat distribution , it comes with 3 different magnetic attachments- the Diffusor for curls,  the Smoothing Nozzle for hair that could use some extra volume and the Style concentrator (my favourite!) for a super-sleek, silky straight look!

It comes in 2 colours- the fuchsia/black and in White/Silver

The Supersonic is an incredible new innovation and comparing it with a normal hair dryer is like comparing the cellphones that came out in the 90´s to today’s Iphone. There is no comparison.

Yes, it costs more than normal hair dryers and yes the price is around 4000 swedish koronas(about 400euros) – but one of the bottom lines is that this is a product which is designed for life.

Some might argue that they they would never buy a hair dryer for that amount, but then again – just remember : This is not any hair dryer- this is the Dyson Supersonic.


The Dyson Supersonic




A look into the future…


Selfie with the Sonic…



“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.”
James Dyson


“What I’ve learned from running is that the time to push hard is when you’re hurting like crazy and you want to give up. Success is often just around the corner.”
James Dyson


Successes teach you nothing. Failures teach you everything. Making mistakes is the most important thing you can do.


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